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Next stop: Uppercut

Jayna Smith, Assistant News Editor - October 24, 2012

Let me begin this by saying I do not condone any male on female violence.

I also believe women shouldn’t antagonize men in a way that could lead them to resort to violence.

There was a video, originally posted on, which went viral, showing a young female passenger, Shidea Lane, on a bus arguing with the bus driver, Artis Hughes.
During the argument, Hughes told Lane he would get his granddaughter to deal with her. In response, Lane egged him on by suggesting he bring his “mammy.”

The video showed the woman hit and spit on the man while he was still driving the bus.
After he apparently was fed up with the taunting, he promptly stopped the bus, walked up to her and dealt her a brutal uppercut to the jaw. In response to comments made by other passengers regarding her being a female, the driver said, “I don’t care. She wants to be a man, I’m going to treat you like a man.”

Under a more normal circumstance, I would completely believe the man was wrong. Are you ready for the but? But this woman was so wretched and annoying that Jesus himself may have even layed a hand on her. Although Hughes took it pretty far, I completely understand why he was so upset.

Just think about it: If his behavior was totally uncalled for, why didn’t every person on the bus rush to her defense?

In a recent interview, Lane said if she got into another similar altercation, she would remove herself from the scene instead of arguing. As for the bus driver, he is currently suspended and the case is being investigated.

I think we can all learn something from this woman’s experience. No. 1: Do not dish out something you can’t take yourself. No. 2: It’s not a good idea to assume being a female is going to protect you from a bruising uppercut.

Finally, leave people’s “mammies” out of arguments. Talking about somebody’s mom is the quickest way to get you punched in the face, male or female.

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